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2017 USPA Smash Weight Open

Posted by Rival Tiff on

We spent Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th with Iron Mongers Gym and everyone who was competing in the USPA Smash Weight Open. It was an early got to start the day off with Angry Joe Coffee Not only was it great tasting coffee, but it's also infused with BCAA, Yohimbine, and L-Carnitine. It was the perfect way to start and continue on the day! By mid-day, many USPA spectators came to appreciate Angry Joe's presence as well! Another surprise we had was our lovely friend Rhonda, who was to set up a booth and table for ART and deep tissue massage. Instead, she ended up set up in the shade between us and Bad Gals Barbell Club. Rhonda worked her magic sharing laughs...

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